In the world of Apps, Unboxd has gone with a ‘No Apps’ policy – our take on the ‘Apps’ thing – People do not need Apps, There are already plenty of them. Like why would anyone need another e commerce app when Amazon n Flipkart are already there n doing a good job at it, Why would anyone need another Payments App when PayTM is doing a good job at it, There is no point reinventing the wheel. So even after a year of starting the project, I have no plans of build An Unboxd App for the users of my products n solutions. Now, If i say this to anyone, The first suggestion I will get is that I am taking a big business risk here.The world works on mobile and with a ‘No App’ policy i am losing out on a big audience of my who do not have access to a PC. Well, Not so, here I present NBXAPPs, a list of open source apps (with mobile native n desktop versions ) which do the same job (even better ) than the proprietary apps you have been using for years now.. Download n try once before ignoring this post and I assure you that you will never regret, And Please like n follow this page on facebook as we will keep posting all details there everyday… we have almost 50 apps to talk about…

We also build custom android apps, but lets cover these open source apps first, for we believe that, with the richness of features they provide, you will not need to invest in a custom app development at all .

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Hubziila (Privacy Centric Social Nework)

Humhub (Social Netowrking)

PH7 (Dating)

Open-Discourse (Community Forum)


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